Autumn 2021 Rolling Programme

Our Autumn 2021 programme is available below.  

Please remember that we must abide by the rules set out by Ramblers and Leaders to make sure that our walks are COVID safe. In order keep COVID safe, please observe the following etiquette:

  1. You as walkers are responsible for making the walk COVID safe, both within the group and for anyone you meet or pass while out on the walk.

  2. Keep 2m apart from anyone not in your household (measured by you standing side by side with someone with both arms outstretched – if you can touch fingers you are still too close).

  3. Where appointed, the back and middle markers will monitor and remind walkers of the rules on distancing and etiquette.

  4. When approaching a kissing gate, stand 2m back from it until the person in front has passed through.  Don’t try to hold it open for the person behind as you will get too close.

  5. When approaching a gate the first person through should hold it open until all have passed through and then close the gate behind them.

  6. When approaching a stile or other obstacle like a bridge over a ditch, make sure the person in front has cleared it and moved away before you start to climb or cross it.

  7. If we meet others while on the walk, we should always give way. This may involve backing up to, or waiting in, a wider area to make sure there is room to pass.

  8. Do not share equipment (such as poles) or refreshments on a walk with anyone outside your household.

  9. Always carry hand sanitiser, gloves and a face covering – COVID standard equipment

To read more click on the COVID Safe Etiquette button below

Current IVW walks are listed here. Please observe the following:

Abide by all rules and guidelines as set out by the leader and in the documents linked below

If booking is required (How to Book does not say "None") then:

  • Don't try to book a walk more than 7 days in advance

  • Only book a walk for yourself.

  • Don't try to book onto a walk that is already fully booked ("Fully Booked" in "How to Book" column below)

  • If someone on a walk later tests positive for coronavirus, your contact details will be passed to the NHS Test and Trace team if requested.

  • Max places available on any walk is decided by the leader, and can be unlimited. MAX6 walks have 5 places available.

  • Please only book onto a MAX6 walk if you are not confident to walk in larger groups to give all our members a chance to walk.

If you regularly struggle to get booked onto walks of your choice, please contact a committee member (click here for contact information) giving details of the type of walk that you are trying to book on (day of week, distance, max places).

Autumn 2021 Rolling Programme

In line with current guidance and the survey results about numbers on walks, our leaders determine how many walkers they are willing to lead.  This can now include unlimited, with and without booking.  Where booking is not required a register is taken at the start of the walk and kept for 21 days for the purposes of Test and Trace.