RIPPLE Programme 2020

RIPPLE....... Restoring & Improving Public Paths for Local Enjoyment

The work typically entails footpath clearance, waymark posts, and style and kissing gate repairs in conjunction with a Council organiser.


Sessions this year will be on alternate Tuesdays timed so that they do not clash with IVW's Tuesday walks, with sessions lasting from 10:00 to 13:00   Start Points and information about the work for each session are advertised on this page.

If you are interested in joining us please contact Barry on

RIPPLE dates for 2020


Although we had a short break during lockdown our RIPPLE activities resumed as soon as we were able and up to the end of August we have been working one day per week on a Thursday thanks to Central Bedfordshire ROW Officers. Work has been done improving paths in Northill, Harlington, Ampthill, Sundon and Wootton for which we were thanked by Parishes, Councillors and members of the public.

As restrictions were eased and groups started putting on more walks again it became apparent that it would be necessary and sensible for us to go back to a Tuesday which is what we will be doing from 29th September.

Tuesday will be our main day of operation as this currently is a free day on all group programmes (Alternate Tuesdays on Ivel Valley programmes) and we have volunteers from all over Bedfordshire this also appears best for them.

The bigger tasks are for Tuesdays (listed below) whilst there are small tasks which can be done by 2/3 volunteers and on a day to suit the people wishing to be involved. Currently there is a job for 2/3 volunteers putting in marker posts and adding discs in the Pics Hill estate between Bromham and Turvey. This may be upscaled or become two separate tasks as other work has since been identified.


10th November  

24th November

8th December

22nd December

Before the additional safety requirements brought about by COVID-19 and Government regulations a Risk Assessment was always done and will continue.  All volunteers have been registered as such with Ramblers.

We must now state how many people we need so as to avoid breaking any laws on numbers and social distancing. All our Volunteers will need to tell us (contact details below) if they will be attending (at that time we will pass on details for each event) and we have to keep your details in case of any infection to pass on to NHS Test & Trace.

All volunteers will be expected to abide by rules on COVID-19 applicable at the time.

New volunteers are always welcome (please register as a volunteer with Rambers).

Currently please bring own tools.. Loppers, small saws, hedge cutter if you have them otherwise we can provide you with some equipment which will be disinfected before and after.


For anything to do with our RIPPLE activities please get in touch.
Tel. 01234 353704

Volunteers at the first RIPPLE session, Shillington May 2013.