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Need to know if a walk is still on, or maybe you'd like to pass some information on to your fellow members. This page is just what you need.

All you need to do is email webmaster@ivelvalleywalkers.co.uk and leave the rest to us.


The IVW Committee are looking for new people to help to run the club.

If you are a member of The IVW and
are interested in helping run one of the most succesful walking clubs in Bedfordshire then please contact the General Secretary on generalsec@ivelvalleywalkers.co.uk

Committee Members on Contact Us Page


Do you know anyone who would love to walk but feels they are not fit enough to walk with the Ramblers?

If so, they may be interested to know about Ampthill Health Walks, a thriving and very friendly group run by two (mainly lapsed!) Ivel Valley members, which might be just what they are looking for. The walks are aimed at people who want to get more active and perhaps do little or no exercise at the moment, but everyone is welcome. They are about 3/3.5 miles long, last an hour and a quarter or so, are free to join and there is no need to book. They are led by trained leaders and there will always be a backmarker so that people can walk at their own brisk pace. They start from various places in and around Ampthill and slightly further afield and run fortnightly on Friday mornings at 10am, followed by refreshments afterwards for those who wish to join us. The details of the latest programme of walks and lots of photos can be found on http://ampthillhealthwalks.blogspot.co.uk/.

Why not suggest they come along and give it a try? For more information contact Lynda on 01234 740788 or at olivetree47@googlemail.com